About us

University of Sydney Association of Professors (USAP) is a collegial group of the University’s leading scholars. We’re committed to supporting the University by:

  • fostering its vision, functions and activities
  • promoting and participating in its leadership
  • mentoring members of our community.

We work to encourage and advance scholarship, teaching, and research at all levels in the University and facilitate the contribution of professors toward this goal. We achieve this by:

  • arranging events including educational seminars and presentations, discussion sessions and fora for the exchange of ideas, and social gatherings for the professoriate
  • presenting professorial views in academic governance and university leadership
  • contributing to and fostering collegial debate of issues affecting the University.

We’re formally recognised within the University community, our Constitution having been approved by the Senate.



Any and all of the Professors of the University are eligible to join USAP, including Professors Emeriti and Visiting and Adjunct Professors (as honorary members) as per Constitution.

Become a USAP member:



Email: usap@sydney.edu.au

Visit our SharePoint for information for current members.